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Ultimate Guide to Buying Light Torch

Image result for Light TorchLED flashlights are widely used in different applications. You will find them in areas such as bicycle riding, hikers, military personnel; law enforcement officers, dog walkers, and even daily use where you will like to see different areas in your home or just for an emergency in case electrical supply is interrupted. There are various factors you should take into consideration before you buy a given flashlight. For example, you should check the amount of light produced and the area where you will like to apply the flashlights. If you love bicycle riding, and you will like to get a flashlight for the purpose, then you need to compare different flashlights which are specially made to serve the purpose.


Steps for you to choose the best flashlights

  • What is the purpose of buying the torch?

First, you should be clear on the reason why you will like to purchase the flashlight. For example, are you buying the torch for you to apply it in your hiking adventures or you will like to buy a LED flashlight for your search and rescue purposes? There are different types of flashlights available; you can find one suitable for hunting or the one which will produce long range light. The best flashlight for hunting should provide enough light for long range viewing. The flashlights are characterized by the amount of light they produce. It is necessary for you to buy a flashlight which produces more than 1,000 lumens if you are buying it for hunting purposes or long range viewing.

300 – 1,000 lumens

If you are buying a touch for hiking, camping, sailing or other recreational purposes around your home, then a torch with 300 – 1,000 lumens can serve the purpose. The construction should be strong enough to resist damage due to hard knocks. For general household uses, you can opt for a touch with less than 300 lumens. A touch with (100-300 lumens brightness) can serve you well in your home especially after the electrical connection is interrupted. Always ensure it has a strong construction which can resist damage due to falling.

  • How Much Brightness do You Need

Image result for Light TorchThe light produced by your torch batteries when buying matters. If you like to have a flashlight which you can apply to find missing items such as keys in your home, then a touch with 10-20 lumens should serve the purpose. They serve well when finding the keyhole in the front door, to seek keys in your bag, and illuminating distances of less than 300 meters. For you to view distances up to 120 meters, then you need a torch with 20 – 150 lumens. The touch is suitable for around house tasks and dog walking.

Torch categories according to the amount of light produced

160 -200 lumens

The flashlights in this range are suitable for viewing areas of up to 250 meters. It serves general purposes such as dog walking, hiking adventures, camping, tactical work, personal security and tasks around your home.

200 – 500 lumens

The touch is suitable for tactical tasks such as hunting, climbing, fishing, work uses and sailing.

600 – 1,000 lumens

The touch produces beams of distances over 300 meters. It is a great torch for camping, hunting, fishing, caving or industrial applications.

1,000 plus lumens

The torch cannot be applied for in-house uses or around built areas. It serves well in outdoor adventures such as search and rescue purposes. You can as well use the touch in hunting or recreational purposes on large areas.

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  • Weight, Composition, and Waterproofing

The best torch for your outdoor use should be lightweight and waterproof. Nowadays aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel are used to make the touches. A flashlight which can work even when submerged under water will be the best choice if you are looking for a flashlight which you can use when fishing.

  • Size

A torch which works on AA batteries but produces enough light should be your choice. A big flashlight can occupy more space in your pocket or backpack which will inconvenience you. If you are buying one for your hiking adventures, then it is necessary for you to take into consideration the size of your torch when purchasing. Nowadays small batteries can be used in torches, and they can produce enough light. Check the amount of turn on the flashlight can provide before you proceed to take into consideration the size of the torch when buying.

  • Type of Batteries

You should as well check on the type of cells used. Disposable lithium are common types of batteries used in flashlights. Others include ordinary alkaline batteries which are readily available in local stores. They have a shorter lifespan when compared to lithium batteries. They have longer shelf life than basic models, but they tend to cost more.

Rechargeable batteries on your torch are among the best options for you to consider. You can use the batteries to get any amount of light for prolonged periods, but you will not have to worry about recharging them. You can quickly recharge the battery, and you continue enjoying your outdoor adventure.

  • Beam Features and Modes

Most flashlights have different types of beam modes. It is necessary for you to buy a torch which will allow you access different beam types. Common beam types available include low, mid, high and turbo brightness levels. Some of the modes you can access on high-end touches include:

Pencil beam

It is suitable for locating a target

Wide beam

It is the best option if you will like to illuminate your surroundings.

Strobe mode

It is the best torch for emergency and signaling purposes.

Flashing mode

The flashing mode is suitable for signaling, emergencies and Morse code purposes.

  • Price

The prices of the torches vary. You have your budget; you can search for the flashlights basing on your budget. But, the higher the price, the more the features you will access on your flashlight.

  • Longer lifespan

There is a lifespan indicated against each flashlight you are about to buy. Check on the lifespan before you spend your money. Warranty will offer you peace of mind because you will not have to worry if the touch can fail after a short while. It is for you to check and ensure it has a warranty before you make an order.